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Introductions and Information on Recommended Tourism Spots

Kawaguchiko Tourism Association

Oike Park, which is the location of the Kojo Festival and Winter Fireworks; and Lake Kawaguchiko, the shore of which is lined with ryokan/hotels and shops, are the best main areas for tourism.

Kodachi Tourism Association

It is said that the holy man Nichiren visited this location, as is evidenced by the existence of the the round nose stone, the twenty-eight paper mandalas, and more. Yagizaki Park is enjoyable for picnics and the lavender in early summer.
Kodachi Tourism Association

Oishi Tourism Association

On the north bank of Lake Kawaguchiko is Oishi Park, which has Mt. Fuji in its background, and in which the lavender of early summer, the beautiful cypress that changes color in fall, and more than 90 species of flowers can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Katsuyama Tourism Association

The Katsuyama area has many cultural assets, including the organizational asset Fuji Omuro Sengen-jinja Shrine in Mt. Fuji, itself a World Heritage Site. A popular pastime for tourists is taking strolls along the shoreline at Michi-no-Eki Katsuyama.

North Kawaguchiko Tourism Association

This area is overflowing with highlights, such as the "Chigo-no-Mai" held during the Spring Festival, the "Momiji Corridor" popular during Fujikawaguchiko's Autumn Leaves Festival, the "Haha-no-Shirataki Waterfall" located in the mountains of Kawaguchi Asama Jinja Shrine.

Oku-Kawaguchiko Tourism Association

At Oku-Kawaguchiko, located on Lake Kawaguchiko's western bank, there are many appealing lake activities such as boating and canoeing. At the Oku-Kawaguchiko Furusato Festival, there are many events such as Japanese drums and fireworks.

Saiko Tourism Association

Lake Saiko is the only lake in the world inhabited by the "miracle fish kunimasu." Within the Saiko Nature Center, you can see the "Kunimasu Exhibit Hall" where pursual of the answer to the mystery of the kunimasu takes place.

Shojiko Tourism Association

Lake Shojiko is the smallest of the Fuji Five Lakes. The beautiful scenery of Mt. Fuji standing behind Mt. Omuro is often called "cradling Fuji." The lake is also a popular fishing spot for Crucian Carp and Pond Smelt.

Motosuko Tourism Association

Lake Motosuko is the deepest and clearest of the Fuji Five Lakes. Due to the fame from the Mt. Fuji Mirror Reflection, imprinted on the back of the thousand yen bill; and Diamond Fuji, many photography enthusiasts visit the lake.

The Fujikawaguchiko Town Tourism Federation is affiliated with Tsuru City, Shosenkyo, Ichinomiya/Misaka, and Narusawa Village.

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