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Fuji mountain climbing

Let's enjoy the excitement of summer only!
Mt. Fuji, which has a beautiful conical shape (conide type), is a symbol of Japan.
In fact, what we are seeing now is the one formed by the third eruption that occurred about 1 years ago.
Mt. Fuji, a sacred mountain that has attracted people's hearts since ancient times.Why don't you not only look up at the foot of the mountain, but also aim for the highest peak in Japan?

Fuji aiming from Lake Kawaguchi

The most popular way to climb Mt. Fuji is the Kawaguchiko course, where you can take a mountaineering bus to the 5th station of the Subaru Line and head for the summit from there.As you proceed through the forest of Betula ermanii while listening to the light hoofing sound of horse rental, you can see Tsuga diversifolia and Stellaria nipponica near the 6th station.
After a while, the forest limit will be reached and a rugged rocky road will begin. At the 8th and 9th stations, the number of chains will increase.
This chain is originally a mark that indicates a mountain trail, so don't rely on it easily and climb while paying attention to your feet.Take a break while gazing at the sea of ​​clouds below, and take another step at your own pace toward the mountaintop that you can see in front of you.After passing through some torii gates, you will reach the summit.
Let's control the speed and succeed in climbing Mt. Fuji without relaxing down the mountain.

Precautions for climbing Mt. Fuji

The season is from the opening of the mountain on July 7st to the end of the mountain on August 1th.It is best to climb from the end of the rainy season when the weather is stable to mid-August.
The summit is about 5.6 ℃ even in summer.Long sleeves, long pants, sweaters and other warm clothing are required.You will also need work gloves, a hat, climbing shoes that cover your ankles, and rain gear.Put on and take off according to the situation.
Drink water and sweets to relieve fatigue.Bring a flashlight, first aid, tissue, towels, a trash bag, and a copy of your insurance card with you for light meals such as rice balls.
Anyway, take a break and climb slowly.It's a good idea to buy an oxygen cylinder and use it well.If you have altitude sickness, don't overdo it and let it rest in a mountain lodge.

A little informative information

In order to get more people to visit Mt. Fuji, the Subaru Line will be able to pass during normal hours, depending on the time when the coming light can be seen.
(During May-June and September-October, from 5:6 am)
In addition, during the summer mountaineering season, private car regulations are also enforced in order to consider the environment and eliminate traffic congestion.
(Early to mid-August and several days in Obon)


Fuji Subaru Line Gate TEL: 0555-72-0572
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