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Winter information

Introducing the highlights and events of the four seasons

Winter fireworks

An event to enjoy Fujikawaguchiko in winter.Winter fireworks that color the clear winter night sky.Brilliant fireworks bloom in the sky above the lake, and the surface of the lake shines brilliantly.After going out to the lakeside, it is recommended to warm your cold body in a relaxing hot spring.


Oike Park [Winter Fireworks]

Saiko Tree Ice Festival

Another feature of Lake Fujikawaguchiko in winter is the "Tree Ice Festival" at Saiko Wild Bird Forest Park.The rime on the trees, which is about 10m high, is impressive.In addition, the illuminated ice objects create a fantastic atmosphere.You can enjoy the art created by nature in a dignified and clear atmosphere.


Late March-early April
Saiko Wild Bird Forest Park [Rime Tree Festival]

February 2 is "Mt. Fuji Day" Fireworks Festival

Fujikawaguchiko Town has established "Mt. Fuji Day" (February 2 every year) as a day to revitalize the surrounding area and promote the creation of a comfortable and beautiful environment.
Fujikawaguchiko Town established February 2 as "Mt. Fuji Day" as a townsman living with Mt. Fuji based on the Fujikawaguchiko Town Environmental Ordinance and the basic principles of the "Mt. Fuji Charter" enacted by both Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures. We express our gratitude and hold a wide range of events as an opportunity to reaffirm the importance of Mt. Fuji as an environmental conservation and tourism resource.


"Mt. Fuji Day" special commemorative event
Various special commemorative events such as Mt. Fuji Day Memorial Fireworks Festival and Film Festival are held.
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