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Fujikawaguchiko Town Universal Design

I hope everyone who comes will enjoy it
Universal design, as the word universal = universal, overall, means "design for everyone," as much as possible from the beginning, regardless of age or disability. It is designed to be available to people in the world.
This word and idea was clarified by Ronald Mace of North Carolina State University (USA) in the 1980s, and seven principles were advocated.

Seven principles of universal design

  1. Anyone can use it and get it (fairness)
  2. Can be used flexibly (degree of freedom)
  3. Easy to use (simplicity)
  4. Easy to convey necessary information to users (easy to understand)
  5. Even if you make a mistake, the result will not be serious (safety)
  6. Efficient and easy to use with less power (physical strength saving)
  7. There is an appropriate size when using (securing space)
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