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Condominium Hotel Sanrei

Condominium Hotel Sanrei[Condominium Hotel Sanroku]
The Japanese-Western style room type is a spacious room suitable for spending time with your family.
If you want to spend a little extravagant holiday, here at the foot of the mountain, a spacious and clean room is a relaxing space! The clean kitchen has a wide variety of utensils and tableware, so you only need to prepare the ingredients. Amenity is also safe with bath towels and toothbrushes. It is the "foot of the mountain" where you can sit quietly in the grove and relax in front of the magnificent Mt. Fuji. Please spend a holiday where you can be free from the hustle and bustle and refresh the fresh air to your heart's content. It is a convenient base for fishing as it is a 2-3 minute walk to the lakeside. There are many tourist facilities in the area.
The twin room is a room that is large enough for two people to spend a relaxing time.
The kitchen is clean and secure. We have everything from copper kettles to tableware and chopsticks.


From Kawaguchiko Station, take a retro bus bound for Oishi, get off at Itchiku Kubota and Hirose, and walk for 3 minutes.
From the Chuo Expressway Kawaguchiko IC, take Route 139 toward Lake Motosu, turn right at the Higashi Koi Road intersection, cross the Kawaguchiko Bridge, and turn left at the Kawaguchiko Kitanaka entrance intersection for 1 km.
*Pickup from Kawaguchiko Station: Not possible


  • Chuo Expressway
    About 6.5km from Kawaguchiko IC, about 21.1km from Ichinomiya Misaka IC, about 36.4km from Kofu Minami IC
  • Higashifuji Five Lakes Road
    About 6.5km from Fujiyoshida IC
  • Tomei Expressway
    About 53.7km from Fuji IC

Bus route

  • Kawaguchiko Tour Bus
    Itchiku Kubota Museum
  • Ashikawa Agricultural Products Direct Sales Office-Mt. Fuji Station
    In front of Hirose Itchiku Kubota Memorial Hall

Parking Lot

Standard Vehicles

About accommodation

About accommodation
No meal: 6300 yen and up
Facility information
Pets allowed: Not allowed

Reservation etc.

Reservation method
Phone / Fax / Internet
(Internet reservation URL:
Resort hotel / vacation rental
Room information
Room type:Western-style room (twin) / Japanese-Western style room

Universal Design

Step elimination, automatic doors for main doorways
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