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You can enjoy various experiences related to sushi nigiri, hoto, and Yoshida udon noodles.
How about lunch/supper?

*Only Japanese is available.


≪By car≫
6 km from Kawaguchiko Interchange on the Chuo Expressway

≪From the station≫
Fujikyuko Line Kawaguchiko Station → Route Bus bound for Saiko Minshuku Village and Shin-Fuji Station, etc. → Get off at Katsuyama Bus Stop and walk for 3 minutes

Bus route

  • Shin-Fuji Station-Mt. Fuji Station: Katsuyama
  • Shimobe Onsenkyo-Mt. Fuji Station: Katsuyama
  • Saiko Minshuku-Mt. Fuji Station: Katsuyama

Genre of tourist facilities / activities

Facility information
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