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Kawaguchiko Station

Kawaguchiko Station[Kawaguchi Koeki]
The starting point for sightseeing in Fuji Five Lakes and Fujikawaguchiko. Fujikyuko Line (train), highway bus, fixed-route bus, and retro bus depart and arrive. In addition, there is a "Fujikawaguchiko Tourist Information Center" in the station where you can find tourist information about Fujikawaguchiko. Opened in 1950 (Showa 25).
The old vehicle "Mo No. 1" is also on display in the station square.
It is the starting point for various parts of Fujikawaguchiko


Take the Fujikyuko Line Otsuki Station train for about 50 minutes and get off at Kawaguchiko Station.


  • Chuo Expressway
    About 2.4km from Kawaguchiko IC, about 24.6km from Ichinomiya Misaka IC, about 35.3km from Kofu Minami IC
  • Higashifuji Five Lakes Road
    About 2.4km from Fujiyoshida IC
  • Tomei Expressway
    About 51.3km from Fuji IC

Bus route

  • Kawaguchiko Tour Bus: Kawaguchiko Station
  • Saiko Tour Bus: Kawaguchiko Station
  • Gotemba-Kawaguchiko Station: Kawaguchiko Station
  • Shin-Fuji Station-Mt. Fuji Station: Kawaguchiko Station
  • Shimobe Onsenkyo-Mt. Fuji Station: Kawaguchiko Station
  • Kofu Station-Mt. Fuji Station: Kawaguchiko Station
  • Saiko Minshuku-Mt. Fuji Station: Kawaguchiko Station
  • Ashikawa Agricultural Products Direct Sales Office-Mt. Fuji Station: Kawaguchiko Station
  • Mitsutoge, Tengachaya Hiking Bus: Kawaguchiko Station
  • Mt. Fuji Climbing Bus: Kawaguchiko Station


1 hour: 300 yen (free for the first 30 minutes)
Standard-sized car

Genre of tourist facilities / activities

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Pets allowed: Allowed
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