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Motosu of Shiroyama

Motosu of Shiroyama[Motosunoshiroyama]
Motosu's Shiroyama is built on a ridge that protrudes southeast like a peninsula from Mt. Karasuhata, which is located northwest of Lake Motosu, toward Aokigahara Jukai.
Currently, only the remains of Horikiri and masonry remain, and the time of construction and the period of operation of this mountain castle are not clear, but it was operated from the medieval Warring States period Takeda Shingen to the Katsuyori era, and was built on the border between Koshun and Katsuyori. The prevailing view is that it was a castle for guarding the border.
It can be said that it is a typical mountain castle, making the best use of the long and narrow flat land on the ridge of the mountain ridge, and using the natural terrain that has been fortified by digging the lines below the main enclosure.
Mt. Fuji seen from the ruins of the castle
Castle ruins actual measurement map


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  • Narusawa / Lake Shoji / Lake Motosu Tour Bus: Stone Base Entrance
  • Shin-Fuji Station-Mt. Fuji Station: Kamikuichiiro Junior High School entrance
  • Shimobe Onsenkyo-Mt. Fuji Station: Kamikyu Isshiki Junior High School entrance

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