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Mukaihama[Mukai Hama]
The sunset over Saiko is a must-see beauty (photo is Tsuharahama)
The beach near the intake of the Saiko power plant is called Mukaihama, and the scenery of the setting sun over Saiko is breathtaking. In recent years, all the residents of the area have planted irises and other plants, making it a new attraction.


From Kawaguchiko Station, take the Retro Bus Saiko / Aokigahara Line and get off at "Saiko East Exit". Alternatively, take the local bus bound for Saiko Minshuku Village and get off at "Bunka-dong Tunnel".

Bus route

  • Saiko Tour Bus: Saiko East Exit
  • Saiko Minshuku-Mt. Fuji Station: Cultural Cave Tunnel, Saiko Ferry Terminal Entrance

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Pets allowed: Not allowed
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