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Suwa-jinja Shrine-no-Osugi

Suwa-jinja Shrine-no-Osugi[Swajin Janooosugi]
"Osugi of Suwa Shrine" is a giant tree of Sugi next to the shrine in the precincts of Suwa Shrine, which is located to the west of the village of Imura on the north shore of Lake Seishin.
The Imura village is located along the middle road that connects the Kofu basin and Suruga Bay at the shortest distance, and is located at the foot of a mountain pass called Mesaka (Ananda), which is a difficult place, and has prospered as a transportation hub since ancient times.
In the precincts of Suwa Shrine, there is the "Old Cedar of Shoji", which was designated as a national natural monument in Showa 3(1928), and has served as a landmark of the historical road "Middle Road Return".
"Osugi of Suwa Shrine" is a giant tree with a circumference of 10 meters at the base, a trunk thickness of 6.8 meters, a branch bottom of 6 meters, and a tree height of 38 meters.
In Yamanashi Prefecture, there are several giant Sugi trees with a trunk thickness of nearly 7 meters, and "Osugi of Suwa Shrine" is one of the top-ranked giant trees.
It is not noticeable due to the existence of the nationally designated natural monument "Old Cedar of Shoji", but its value as a giant tree of Sugi is very high.
"Osugi of Suwa Shrine", together with "Suwa Shrine", a tangible cultural property designated by the town, forms a typical historical landscape of the village of the Seishin district.
Along with the nationally designated natural monument, "Old Cedar of Shoji," a giant tree of Sugi remains in the precincts of the same Suwa Shrine, indicating that Suwa Shrine has a long history and is thick as a sacred tree for the local people. It is a precious tree that can be seen to have been protected and protected as the pride of the region.
In addition, the existence of two giant trees, "Osugi of Suwa Shrine" and "Old Cedar of Shoji," proves that the area of ​​the village of Shojin, including the precincts of Suwa Shrine, has abundant soil.


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