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A comedic storyteller living in Fujikawaguchiko Town,
Kimimaro Ayanokoji,Donated by
"Golden Seven Lucky Gods".
A panoramic view of Mt. Fuji and the lake while strolling along the lake
A superb view with a visit to the Seven Lucky Gods
You can enjoy our hot spring.
For visiting the Golden Seven Lucky Gods of Lake Kawaguchiko
We sell Goshuin Shikishi.
Kawaguchiko Herb Hall
( 0555-72-3082)
Antique Cafe Auntei Kimaro Chaya
( 0555-76-8129)
Kawaguchiko Wine Museum
( 0555-76-6561)
(One company) Fujikawaguchiko Town Tourism Federation
( 0555-28-5177)
Please purchase at.

Goshuin Shikishi 1 sheet ¥ 500

Kawaguchiko Golden Seven Lucky Gods Visit Goshuin Shikishi

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