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Fuji Tempura Idaten

Fuji Tempura Idaten Kawaguchiko Main Store[Fuji Tempura Idaten Kawaguchikohonten]
Fuji Tempura Idaten where you can eat "freshly fried tempura at the counter seat"
"Mount Fuji that is not shown to those who do not eat blowfish" Those who do not have the courage to eat blowfish are not qualified to see Mt. Fuji
We offer puffer fish tempura that follows Kobayashi Issa's haiku.Tempura made with Yamanashi ingredients and seasonal ingredients is popular with people of all ages.
The price is reasonable and you can easily enjoy freshly fried tempura ♪
For lunch or for a banquet at night ◎ By all means!Please come with your family.



  • Chuo Expressway
    About 2.2km from Kawaguchiko IC 
  • Higashifuji Five Lakes Road
    About 2.5km from Fujiyoshida IC


Standard-sized car
25 units (road bike storage available)

Business hours, etc.

Business period
11: 00-21: 00 (Last order 20:00)

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Facility information
Pets allowed: Not allowed

Usage fee, etc.

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