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Aokigahara Jukai

Aokigahara Jukai, east of Saiko Lake, spreads around 1,000m above sea level
Numerous lava caves that tell the tremendous power of the eruption of Mt. Fuji.Around Saiko, there are various natural appearances that have changed with the history of Mt. Fuji.A mysterious nature land full of mysteries and emotions.Let's take a walk while enjoying a relaxing forest bath.

Guided tour with Fujikawaguchiko Town official guide Aokigahara Jukai Nature Guide

The Aokigahara Jukai, which extends to the northwestern foot of Mt. Fuji, has a unique appearance as a forest formed on the lava flow of Mt. Fuji, and is a world-class natural environment where you can meet a variety of animals and plants.
However, in recent years, in Aokigahara Jukai, which is vast and rarely seen, environmental destruction is gradually progressing due to disorderly entry into areas other than the designated roads.In response to this situation, Fujikawaguchiko Town has established an official nature guide system that guides the Aokigahara Forest while giving accurate information to users in order to enjoy the charm of the Aokigahara Forest without imposing a burden on the natural environment as much as possible. I will.
The Nature Guided Tour is a guide that walks in the Aokigahara Forest while listening to the explanations of the Nature Guide certified by Fujikawaguchiko Town as an expert who has accurate and wide-ranging knowledge about the nature of Aokigahara Forest and can convey that knowledge to customers in an easy-to-understand manner. It's a tour.

To make a reservation for a guided tour

Saiko Nature Center (Saiko Bat Cave, Kunimasu Exhibition Hall)
0555-82-3111  0555-82-3112

Fujikawaguchiko Town Official Guide An optional tour to learn about the nature of Mt. Fuji and the history of eruptions with a local guide

Scheduled guided tour

  • Course / Around Saiko Bat Cave (about 1 hour including commentary at each point)
    * Courses may change depending on the weather and seasons.

Book Guided Tour

Course example
  • 1 hour course
    Saiko Nature Center-Bat Cave Circulation-Saiko Nature Center
  • 2 hour course
    Saiko Nature Center-Bat Cave-Wild Bird Drinking Area-Saiko Nature Center
  • 3 hour course
    Saiko Nature Center-Bat Cave (Dragon Cave) -Ryugu Cave-Via Saiko Guest House-Saiko Nature Center
* For paid facilities such as Saiko Bat Cave, an admission fee will be charged separately.
* We may not be able to accept reservations for guides during the busy season.
* Please check the terms of use for details.

Price information

  • Scheduled guided tour
    1 yen per person (500 hour)
  • Book Guided Tour
    For 5 people or less: 1 yen per hour
    For 6 or more people: 1 yen per person per hour
* Please apply for the scheduled guided tour at the reception desk of the Saiko Nature Center (Saiko Bat Cave, Kunimasu Exhibition Hall) on the day of the event.
For the reserved guided tour, inform the Saiko Nature Center (Saiko Bat Cave, Kunimasu Exhibition Hall) of the desired date and time and the number of participants at least 2 days before the participation date.
Accepted by "FAX" or "mail"
Application destination
Saiko Nature Center (Saiko Bat Cave, Kunimasu Exhibition Hall)
0555-82-3111  0555-82-3112
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